Let’s cook during: five light and delicious summer dishes

In this hot and boring summer, aren’t you losing your appetite? Try some vegetarian meal then! We collect five summer vegan meals recipes, they are not only delicious but also bring you a sense of satisfaction that can hardly brought by others vegetarian food. During this weekend, let’s go to supermarket to buy some fresh ingredients, and enjoy a nice weekend with them! Dry tomatoes with grilled asparagus pasta Photo: Damn Delicious Ingredients: 8 ounces medium shell pasta 1 pound asparagus, peeled 2 tablespoons olive oil Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup basil sauce Shredded 1/3 cup olive oil stains dry tomatoes (drained) 1/3 cup of mozzarella cheese, cut into small pi

Nostalgic Tokyo (2): Chance encounter with ARK HILLS in Akasaka Flea Market

Akasaka Flea Market which has been held for 25 times is now back to ARK HILLS located near Roppongi Itchome Eki. With spacious semi-indoor space, do not worry about weather problems, natural light streaming into the Atrium Plaza, customer busy bustling, and this is nothing but a very comfortable Bazaar. Booths involved are mostly professional dealers of old goods, and many of them have their own stores in other places, or in some existing Select shop. In addition, there are many vintage and own brand booths, with also various clothing accessories. There are also some old materials sold which is very suitable for hand-made fans to find creative pieces. When it comes back to professional old g

See how water is wasted from five areas!

Water resources will be the next increasingly important environmental issues. Recently we have seen a lot of creative and visionary companies and designers developing a lot of new products and services. Other than product and design, indeed in our daily life we can also participate actively in business model which can help save water. Below you may find 5 key points for you to remember: Home An article on Food52 website has pointed out that most dishwashers typically use 6 gallons of water, and if the sink is filled with water and use the water to wash the dishes, it only needs 4 gallons. So unless you can fully load the dishwasher, otherwise for fewer dishes you can actually wash the dishes

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