Use your taste buds to explore the beauty of Earth: Toronto Vegetarian tavern: Vegetarian Haven Bist

Summer is here again – A special glass of cocktails and take a comfortable seat outdoors could be a good way to enjoy the good season!

Today I am going to introduce a place in which vegetarian or non-vegetarians could enjoy with canapes, drink and cozy casual bistro - Vegetarian Haven Vegan Bistro. As a vegetarian, I like looking for different delicious vegetarian restaurant. But indeed, I hope to be surprised more - either on the menu or the spatial arrangement of restaurant's innovative theme, or somehow allowing for people to enjoy freshness in a natural place. Vegetarian Haven Bistro hidden in a quiet side street

It is different from "Vegetarian restaurants", but a "bistro" (Vegan Bistro) focused on vegetables and fruits. Its concept of operations has attracted a lot of loyal diners. Perhaps the dining atmosphere is so different, or perhaps food here is really delicious – it indeed often appears in the local Top Ten Best Vegetarian Spots! Since it is a bistro, meals are served with a small amount of natural diversity, with alcohol-based fine snacks – specially made with seasonal vegetables or soya beans. Always makes you enjoy!

Vegetarian Haven Vegan Bistro To fit with Bistro's theme, the interior design is also designed based on lounge, with lazy and sexy background much and people feel very relaxed! Table is made of white wood, achieving a delicate balance of indoor lighting bringing out the gentle sense of space. If snacks are not enough for your stomachs, there are a list of main dishes that you could choose from.

Of course, vegetarian dessert is also available to fill your stomach!!

7:45 PM summer evening in Toronto, the sun has not yet gone, but the outdoor seat is already raucous crowd ....

Breeze, sun lights through the leaves, food, laughter. "What a casual summer style painting ah ...." Press the shutter to take a photo, I'm a little drunk while marching to leave this place.

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