Listen to stories in late afternoon in Madrid park

Many people will usually spend their leisurely afternoon weekend in El Retiro Park in Madrid, especially when it is now spring and it’s the season to enjoy sunshine, flowers and greenery. Although today is Monday, it is a continuation holiday of the weekend so it remains busy - today is the exclusive Madrid's historic festival of " Dos de Mayor " Finding a good place in the park free to enjoy an open-air coffee, sitting down in front of a place of green grass, many parents take their children to play together, the left front seat was sprinkled with golden statue of the sun, together with the cloudless blue sky, it is nothing but a pleasant view. While doing the reading, it has been found tha

Make your life as a source of pleasure (1): Styles of thousands of bottles

Today we look at one of the most frequently product packaging we came across in life - bottles. Pepsi recently invited famous designer Karim Rashid to create a top bottle design commonly found in bar. This model which has been recently presented in Milan Design Week shows a total different texture than in the past, and the accessories are also designed by Karim Rashid, this special has its own opener and ice bucket. Photos:designboom In fact, bottle-packaged products are numerous, but more luxurious brands often choose to use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles - from wine to olive oil, it is clear that glass has become a symbol of them. In addition to its delightful nature, the pattern

Enjoy it! Five European cities with Gluten-free!

Do you like running around, love to travel, but it happens to you that you are suffering from "wheat allergy", so you can only say no to the exotic cuisine when you are enjoying the beautiful scenery? In fact, in the United States and Europe, Gluten-free food is not something new, and therefore when you travel to Europe, Gluten-free meals are not really hard to find. They have a lot of style and delicious food which are gluten-free attracting even customers with no such physiological needs. When you travel to Europe for visiting different tourist attractions, you must never let dining problem ruin your mood. Let’s have a walk to the small shops in the following five European cities. Sta

Three environmental-protection concepts that you need to know: It’s a change but also a return, a ki

You may have noticed that in a lot of aspects, we are in a transition era. The definition of success as in the past is no longer chased behind by the others. And indeed, for this new generation, success is not only on personal glory and fame, but they are also more concerned about whether or not they could contribute to solve the world's problems. We need a new life style which enables people to cooperate and live with environment. (Read: 2016 Milan Design Week: new materials made of Waste pine needles, new generation of designers are committed to improve the environment) The old consumption patterns will gradually be phased out, of course, we may have accumulated the convenient lifest

Porto in Portugal (1): An old town good for walking and leisure

Porto is not a popular and well-known attraction for people living outside the Europe continent. Its fame cannot also be able to be compared with other major cities like Paris, Rome or Lisbon. But for me, this unknown place remains a very interesting option for me. Porto is located in the Northern Portugal, facing the Atlantic Ocean, which is Portugal's second largest city. It is also one of Europe's oldest historic center certified by UNESCO (UNESCO). Although it is the second largest city, its size is just as fine as like other European cities, which is a suitable place to spend a good weekend. Looking at Porto from Gaia Town (Vila Nova de Gaia). Photo: Apito Upon arrival at Poto it was

How Plastic Water Bottles Harm the Environment

While many people have read about the environmental hazards that plastic bags can cause in landfills and when they wash down rivers into the ocean, plastic water bottles also represent a powerful environmental pollution threat. While this type of product is designed to deliver clean water for those who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that they present a formidable threat and potential water crisis. Potential Poison The clear plastic water bottle uses a substance called BPA which has proven to be dangerous to human health. BPA has been linked to a number of issues including the following; Certain forms of cancer Reduced fertility in women Neurological disorders Premature labor

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