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【LIFE】Walking in Paris – In the district of Marais: bookstore Librairie Yvon Lambert

【LIFE】Walking in Paris – In the district of Marais: bookstore Librairie Yvon Lambert

HYDY Daily, green living magazine
Marais, presumably a familiar place for most of you, but other than having a lot of tourists, is there any other thing else?
There is a bookstore called Librairie Yvon Lambert that I will go every time when I am visiting Marais. When I am starting my journey from home, I like to travel on route 7 to bypass the crowds and take until Pont Marie, and then I walk alongside River Seine til the destination.
In my journey I will have chance to pass through the European House of Photography (Maison Européenne de la Photographie), where there are always very exciting exhibition that you could take a look. Upon arrival at St. Paul and pass the road, walking from the alley alongside Paris Bank, we could see a lot of people dressed in black suit, white shirt, wearing a black hat or cap, with bushy bearded walking on the road. My friends told me that there is a synagogue, and the in Marais there are many Jews living in this here. As I rarely have the opportunity to see such a scene, together with the mysterious image of Judaism, so out of curiosity, I have been always unconsciously stared at them.
HYDY Daily
Walking through a few alleys side by side, and passing through vintage shops with a lot of treasure hunters, and also a few snack bars, I arrive at the rue vieille du temple. In this way, all the way down, you can see an LGBT bookstore around side the corner, stocked with a lot of "interesting" books.
After leaving the region with more visitors, after 3–4 minutes I arrive at Librairie Yvon Lambert. It has no special appearance – big glass windows, furnishings, the store is divided into two parts, the left is a small exhibition space, the right there are a lot of wonderful books
I still remember the first time when I pass through here, my favorite artist David Shrigley's work was exhibited, and I was then attracted. In addition to art and design, photography, magazines, there are many independent authors' books, and even special binding books. If you want to buy a gift, there are many selections of small objects here. In short, every time when I come inside, I will stay pretty long and at last I will buy a book before I leave.
Later, I realize that the blond hair clerk seems to recognize me. Every time when I get inside, even though I am not buying and even only getting free magazines, he would smile and say hello, maybe this kind of warmth pushes and attracts me to be here.

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