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Recognize and move forward. Carve a path into the future with insight and awareness.

HYDY is a forward-thinking brand with a focus on conserving water resources and protecting the environment. With a media platform and an array of sustainable products, as well as an education-based mobile application, HYDY seeks to raise awareness about the importance of water and effect a positive change on society.

We are a team of former design, science and information technology professionals. The formation of HYDY gave us a platform for making a positive impact on the world in which we live. It began with a group of friends, a simple question, and a common idea: What’s the point of spending our lives working if we can’t make a meaningful, positive impact on society?

HYDY allows us to leverage our passion for protecting the environment as well as our professional backgrounds. By helping other people realize that a small change can make a big difference, HYDY seeks to promote water conservation, reduce the use of plastic water bottles, protect the environment and provide access to safe drinking water, thus creating a better future for everyone.