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HYDY Bottle

HYDY Water bottles, HYDY, Vacuum, Insulated, Thermal, Water Bottle, BPA Free, Stainless Steel, Hold Ice Longer, Keep Drinks Hot, Rust Proof, Modern Stylish, Flask in 3 Sizes, iF design award winner



A Dire Need 

The genesis of our idea comes from a simple realization: everyone should have access to safe drinking water, and it should not come from a plastic bottle. In the United States, Americans go through 50 billion plastic water bottles at a cost of $1 billion each year with only 23% of these bottles being typically recycled.

Filling plastic water bottles, transporting them and dispensing them after being used has left an immense trail of carbon waste, as well as a significant economic impact. The cost saved from reducing the use of plastic water bottles can be allocated and distributed towards raising awareness of water conservation, providing communities worldwide with better water filtration technologies, promoting anti-pollution efforts, and reducing atmospheric carbon, all of which would help to ensure access to clean drinking water for everyone.

The strength of water lies with its adaptability. At HYDY we believe that people need to draw inspiration from this trait and adjust their lifestyle to the changing environment. Creating a ripple that eventually becomes a powerful and transformational event does not have to be difficult or troublesome. Instead, our belief at HYDY is that, if enough people make a small change on a daily basis, it can create a substantial impact on the future.

Following this belief, in Spring 2019, HYDY has decided to join an amazing organization called 1% For The Planet. Supporting non-profit organizations, taking action in environmental protection and promoting sustainability has been on the top of our list since the day we started. Being a member of 1% For The Planet provides us more opportunities to collaborate with other companies and organizations with whom we share the same beliefs and ideals. We understand that every little step we take might appear simple and insignificant, but it also has the possibility to impact lots of people. Let’s work together to make the Earth a better place.


A Dire Need 

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