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【Life】 Eat more enjoyably which also control food intake: buy a beautiful ceramic bowl

【Life】 Eat more enjoyably which also control food intake: buy a beautiful ceramic bowl

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Recently, European and American restaurants start to serve their meals using bowl; fans claim that eating using bowl is particularly enjoyable, but how is it exactly? According to a recent BBC News report, all such is psychologically related.

We all know that food's color and texture affect its flavor, but you do not know that tableware and materials will also affect your dining experience.

Taste psychologist Charles Spencer mentioned that if dining using ceramic bowl, bowl weight can affect people's satisfaction towards the meals or even making them feel taster while dining; the temperature of the bowl also make you feel better of the people around you, and you might be willing to pay more. Also, larger plates make the food look relatively small, relatively speaking, a bowl with no edge will make people feel more!

Source: BBC

A new food craze sweeping restaurants from London to California serves food only in bowls. Bowl food 'tastes better' says the fans. Could there be method in this madness?
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'I've eaten the same meal on a plate', New Yorker Lily Kunin told the NY Post recently. 'It just wasn't that good'. Others too have claimed that superfood salads and healthy meals served in bowls simply "taste better".

It's an assertion which sounds nonsensical to many – but there could be some truth to it. It's all to do with how a variety of sensory stimuli can impact our perception of flavor and even our how full we feel after a meal.

The power of the color and texture of food to influence taste has been well-documented – as has the importance of the type of utensils used and the materials they are made from.

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The weight and shape of the crockery and cutlery we use can have a major effect on taste (Credit: iStock)

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Source: BBC


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