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【Environment】 The water crisis and what we can do to save more water

【Environment】 The water crisis and what we can do to save more water

Even if we don't really use water efficiently nor do we think about a potential water crisis, such a thing can appear quite fast because the drinkable water supplies are becoming thinner each year. With a huge and increasing population, humanity has always overlooked the importance of clean water and unfortunately this is taking its toll.


We now see some of the problems that come from not having access to water in the hotter regions of the globe. Water for underdeveloped countries is a huge problem and unfortunately this issue tends to increase all the time mainly because the amount of fresh, drinkable water on our planet is less than 2.5% of the entire water supply on our planet. Sure, 70% of the world is covered in water but most of it is not drinkable.


The problem is that the globe is now going through a complete overheating process due to the stuff that we do on a daily basis and pollution is playing a major role. If we want a clean earth for the next generation then having a reusable water bottle, a healthy lifestyle and a focus on doing less pollution can be the answer!


Then there's the fact that the water distribution is imbalanced. For example, many countries in Africa have a shortage of water while others like Russia for example have a lot more water than they need, and this might lead to many issues in the long run. That's why we need to share water and use water efficiently because this is the only true way to have a balanced, clean and happy society that will evolve properly.


How to save water?


Honestly, we all tend to have issues when it comes to saving water and because of that it's important to carry a portable water bottle with us in order to save water and reduce environmental pollution. There are some other ways to save water and these include:

• Turning the faucet while brushing or shaving
• Buy recycled paper products that use less water
• Water your lawn in the morning as this will consume less water
• Install a water heater so you can access hot water instantly and thus consume lower amounts of water in the process
• Cook food in as little water as you can
• Never throw ice cubes in the sink
• Cook food in as little water as you can
• Match the water level with the load of the washing machine when you do laundry
• Opt for energy and water efficient machines
• Shorten the showering time and save water
• Always call professionals to fix leaks as this will lead to water loss

These are only a few of the many things that you can do in order to save water and protect our planet. All you have to do is to be aware that there is a water crisis and that the clean water levels are lowering. The environmental pollution combined with the things that we do on a daily basis will impact our environment and make the clean water amount even lower, so we do have to work hard to protect our planet if we do want to save our planet and maintain it clean for our kids!