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【Travel】 Discover "Design by Japan" in Toronto

【Travel】 Discover "Design by Japan" in Toronto

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On Baldwin St, downtown Toronto, you won't be surprised to see many gourmet eateries or good restaurants, but it is a surprise to find a store such as Cubeshops--A designer product select shop, which carries all the design goodies created by Japanese designers.



In this nearly 300 square feet samll store, there was almost a moment that I felt I was in a my favorite design select shop in Tokyo.  
It was definitely a treasure-hunting experience for me to look for many inspiring and unique design items here, and luckily i did find there a few items that are on my favorite lists that I would like to share:
  1. 1.CAO MARU Stress Balls
Designed by Yoshida Makiko, these cute,funny,and strechable faces would really
make up my day if I were had a bad one.  I guess these babyish face expressions just somehow
have some magical power to bring out the inner child of my mind! 
  1. 2.CUPMAN
Designed by Akira Mabichi, who I personally think it is a genius to make the time of
waiting for a cup noodle so enjoyable! This  item definitely shows the typical spirit and traits of most
Japanese designed products-- Who says surprises are not hidden in trivial things?
  1. 3.Pop Up Bookcover
Designed by a group of three Japanese designers: Hiroki Koizumi, Ai Koyama,and Asami Kato.It is an idea of " bookcover with pop-up bookmark". The attached butterfly bookmark wouldl pop-up when the book is opened, and fits closely when closed.  It's a functional yet beautiful design.
I really like the idea of this shop that tries to introduce "Design by Japan" instead of "Made in Japan" to western world; I have seem many Japanese brands, franchises came to Canada these years to seek for business opportunities, but this is the first time that I've seen this kind of select shop here.
As a Taiwanese-Canadian, I do wish in the near future Taiwanese in Canada can carry the same spirit to introduce "Design by Taiwan" to western world and being appreciated, as there are in deed many good designers and design products in Taiwan.   A dream is not a dream when you dare to make it happen, and I'll look forward the day of this dream come true.
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