Use your taste buds to explore the beauty of Earth: Toronto Vegetarian tavern: Vegetarian Haven Bistro

August 12, 2017

Summer is here again – A special glass of cocktails and take a comfortable seat outdoors could be a good way to enjoy the good season! 

Today I am going to introduce a place in which vegetarian or non-vegetarians could enjoy with canapes, drink and cozy casual bistro - Vegetarian Haven Vegan Bistro.
As a vegetarian, I like looking for different delicious vegetarian restaurant. But indeed, I hope to be surprised more - either on the menu or the spatial arrangement of restaurant's innovative theme, or somehow allowing for people to enjoy freshness in a natural place.
Vegetarian Haven Bistro hidden in a quiet side street

It is different from "Vegetarian restaurants", but a "bistro" (Vegan Bistro) focused on vegetables and fruits. Its concept of operations has attracted a lot of loyal diners. Perhaps the dining atmosphere is so different, or perhaps food here is really delicious – it indeed often appears in the local Top Ten Best Vegetarian Spots!
Since it is a bistro, meals are served with a small amount of natural diversity, with alcohol-based fine snacks – specially made with seasonal vegetables or soya beans.
Always makes you enjoy!