Toronto Weekend Walking Diary notes: Cafe X small specialty shops X Little Surprise - route (1)

March 24, 2017

Directions: King St to Lower Jarvis and Font St East (Neat St.Lawrence Market)

  • Featured Cafe: Neo Coffee Bar

  • Specialty shops: Kochi stores

  • Small surprise: St Lawrence Market

In the afternoon during weekend in May, after the end of a cake decorating course, I changed to lightweight clothing and a pair of comfortable loafers, bring a childlike curiosity geocaching heart, and start from King St E towards east, turn into Federick St, walked into Neo Coffee Bar, and started my journey in the city.
Neo Coffee Bar: Japanese-style minimalist café made using wood, water and concrete

Here, you can enjoy very delicious Japanese City which has reminded me to Latte in Kyoto. In addition, its spatial one-person-one seat planning allows even one person enjoying exclusive little color. This kind of Japanese design is something I am in favour of. I usually take out my favourite novel and read for an hour, so my heart and stomach are cured, and serves as a little ceremony for my upcoming journey.
Leaving Neo Coffee Bar, walking alongside Federick St to Front St E, and then walked towards East, I discovered a lot of small shops which brings me surprise.
Kochi Store is one of such place. She is an Indian grocery store with warm, light and yellow color tone. Everything was picked by the boss in India, you can find a lot of interesting things which has local characteristics too.