Three environmental-protection concepts that you need to know: It’s a change but also a return, a kind of new lifestyle which is worth your contribution

You may have noticed that in a lot of aspects, we are in a transition era. The definition of success as in the past is no longer chased behind by the others. And indeed, for this new generation, success is not only on personal glory and fame, but they are also more concerned about whether or not they could contribute to solve the world's problems. We need a new life style which enables people to cooperate and live with environment.
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The old consumption patterns will gradually be phased out, of course, we may have accumulated the convenient lifestyle that we find it hard to abandon. However, as long as we are conscious about, based on what we are doing, and then we can add the power of creativity and environmental mindsets so we will be able to replace the current vicious industrial / consumer products. We still can improve the environment and maintain convenient living in the same occasion.
As a result, more and more idealistic individuals and businesses are investing effort to create the ideal win-win results, whether it is new material, process or product itself, they promote research and development, we've put together the following three directions to let you know.

Image : Biomega 'Bamboo' bike, by Ross Lovegrove
Man-made synthetic materials no longer as a focus, but explore the characteristics of natural materials and use them.
Bamboo-made sporting goods – lightweight and shockproof, bamboo in recent years has been widely used in sports such as inline skating and bicycle racks.
Seaweed container - Can be extracted from nature, very suitable as a liquid container.
Edible disposable tableware - many crops after proper formulation can be made edible