Make your life as a source of pleasure (1): Styles of thousands of bottles

January 23, 2017



Today we look at one of the most frequently product packaging we came across in life - bottles.


Pepsi recently invited famous designer Karim Rashid to create a top bottle design commonly found in bar. This model which has been recently presented in Milan Design Week shows a total different texture than in the past, and the accessories are also designed by Karim Rashid, this special has its own opener and ice bucket.





In fact, bottle-packaged products are numerous, but more luxurious brands often choose to use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles - from wine to olive oil, it is clear that glass has become a symbol of them. In addition to its delightful nature, the pattern printed on it will also complement with the content to create a new kind of visual effects.


This series consists of beer bottles designed by students from Iceland d. Unlike the usual rough image, it looks fully modern.





Image:Inspiration Lab



Mount Franklin, a limited edition of Coca-Cola sparkling water designed by company Creative Platform and fashion designer Akira Isegawa cooperation is specifically for fine dining use. It adds a water bird watercolor pattern on it bringing pure feelings.