Recognize and move forward.

Carve a path into the future with insight and awareness.

Charting a path through the noise and clutter of modern life can be a challenge sometimes. With clean lines and a timeless, minimalist-inspired design, the CinCin Collection adds clarity and peace to the surrounding environment.

At HYDY, we believe that making a quality product with cutting-edge materials and a sound design is the best way to make a statement.

Superior quality /

HYDY vacuum thermos series observes the stringent quality control in line with the Swiss SGS safety standards. It is made using advanced 18/8 (304) stainless steel food-grade, non-BPA (BPA free) and other harmful substances, it will not have any chemical change, easy to clean and more resistant to corrosion, allowing you to drink healthy water without worries.

HYDY Bottle, CinCin Black, Double Wall Stainless Bottle, Thermos Water Bottle





Excellent thermal insulation effect /

Whether you are in your office, gym or enjoy the outdoors under the warm sunshine, double stainless steel bottle is designed for 12 hours hot thermal insulation and 24 hours cold thermal insulation, no matter in what kind of environment, you can enjoy cold or hot drinks.

HYDY Vacuum Insulated Thermos Water Bottle

Double-coated outer layer /

Food-grade silicone is used to cover the outer layer, non-toxic plastic-free 100% recyclable, Featuring super cute Macaroon Color Design, non-slippery, anti-drop, allowing you to carry it easily and will not accidentally pour the content one. It also does not scratch the furniture surface. Bottle condensation never appears and will not make your hand wet, even you place it inside your bag will not make things wet.

Fashion Partner /

Fashion bottle design with ergonomic handle, allowing you to carry it easily both outdoors or indoors, easy to use, it is your most dazzling fashion partner. Of course, treating the Earth and your family well is the most fashionable attitude. Macaron-color silicone cover allows you to change color with your emotions.

Green Living /

HYDY Bottle, CinCin Black, Double Wall Stainless Bottle, Thermos Water Bottle

Sixty billion plastic bottles each year are dumped into our oceans and landfills and this continues to pollute the environment, together with twenty thousand times of waster of water.
For now, carry a bottle with sense of design which is easy to use, let us save our Earth where we live and reduce waste of water and other resources.

Shop /

 Cin Cin Déco

Rose Pink-snow
Pink Gold-Wine Red
Burgundy-Black Cherry
Titanium Grey-Army Green
Bronze Gold- Seaweed Green
Bronze Gold- Mocha
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 Cin Cin Black

Ink Black
Metallic Grey
Dark Cyan
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 Cin Cin White

Cloud Grey
Pumpkin Orange
Arctic Blue
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75 x 75 x 270 / 230 mm

(2.95 x 2.95 x 10.6 / 8.9 in)

 16 oz / 20 oz


18/8 stainless steel
Food-grade Silicone & PP

BPA Free


12 hours hot thermal insulation & 24 hours cold thermal insulation.


Ergonomic handle

Macaroon Color Design


Double walled construction

Vacuum insulated 



Silicone cover

HYDY, Bottle, Vacuum, Insulated, Thermos, Water Bottle, Stainless Steel